Event Moderator: Jackie Evbodage

  • 18:00 Registration – welcome drinks reception – networking
  • 19:00 Guests seated for dinner
  • 19:05 ALPHA Welcome address and introduction – Moderator
  • 19:10 Keynote speech by Mr Carlos Ahenkorah – Honorable Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry of Ghana
  • 19:35 Question and answer session with the Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry Ghana
  • 19:40 African Case Study 1 – Mr Will Whitehouse, Senior Trade Development Manager, the Port of Houston/VIP panel
  • 20:00 Presentation and exploration of investment potentials of the only deep-sea port in Central Africa at Kribi, Cameroun. CEO, Mr Patrice Melom.
  • 20:20 Crypto currency Speaker & Trainer, Entrepreneur, Leadership and Financial Trainer, Mr Sunny Ahonsi. The Impact of Blockchain technology on Africa imports and Exports.
  • 21:00 Africa’s improving transport infrastructure. A case study of the CEMAC region. Mr Ngam Ousmanoun
  • 21:10 Panel discussion (with speakers and network members)

Panel of speakers

Moderator: Jackie Evbodage. Lawyer, Consultant Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management

Mr Carlos Ahenkorah (VIP) Panel 1

  • General questions focused on the keynote presentation by the Deputy Minister

Mr Will Whitehouse (VIP) Panel 2

  • How would Africa’s improving transport infrastructure further increase trade relations between Houston and Africa

Mr Patrice MELOM (VIP) Panel 3

  • Two questions on government supports for investor of the only deep-sea port in Central Africa at Kribi

Mr Sunny Ahonsi (VIP) Panel 4

  • Two questions on the Impact of Blockchain technology on Africa imports and Exports

Mr Ngam Ousmanoun (VIP) Panel 5

  • Two questions on Africa’s improving transport infrastructure. A case study of the CEMAC region
  • 21:30 Official launch of ALPHA – Mr Carlos Ahenkorah, Honourable Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry of Ghana
  • 21:40 Event group photographs for ALPHA website
  • 22:00Closing reception and thank you from Sponsor EMS Log GmbH Germany

Panel discussion topics

  • Vetting potential business partners
  • Government supports for investors
  • Africa’s improving transport infrastructure
  • Understanding local laws and regulations

Event overview

Join top industry professionals from the world’s leading export, shipping, manufacturing, oil and gas, energy, agribusiness and major stakeholders for the launch of the African Logistics Port Hub Association (ALPHA) platform in Bremen, Germany.

African Logistics Ports Hub Association (ALPHA) is a bridge and business trading hub for international logistics professionals operating and providing products and services throughout Africa, using all air and sea ports. This includes the key drivers of infrastructure and other investment projects happening all over the continent. We are pleased to introduce the ALPHA global networking platform, which will serve supply chain professionals and practitioners, including all consumers of supply chain services on the continent. Our membership will consist of a very wide range of powerful business influencers from around the world.

ALPHA was developed because of growing domestic consumer demand, rapidly increasing African infrastructural development and a steady increase in continental trade. With endless logistics opportunities becoming available as Africa places itself squarely at the centre of the global value chain, APLHA is an initiative to connect a vital continent in transition to the heart of the global supply chain market.


Speakers at this event come from the elite within the international supply chain market, including logisticians, industry experts and representatives of companies involved in doing business in Africa within the transport, oil and gas, mining, renewables, railways, energy and agribusiness sectors.

Speakers’ profiles and topics