Benefits of advertising in ALPHA’s digital magazine African Port Hub

The ALPHA team invites you to advertise in the first edition of African Port Hub, our official digital magazine. This authoritative magazine takes a totally innovative approach to informing and connecting everybody interested in doing business in Africa, as well as indigenous operators all over the continent and those actively seeking outside business partners and investors.

The magazine’s editorial team is dedicated to keeping you fully informed as you explore or consolidate trading activities in Africa. We get to the core of issues of concern to foreign investors, while providing accurate on-the-ground reports from reputable commercial and industrial operators. We also assist with finding a way through complex national and local regulations and legislation across the continent, addressing questions of personal and corporate safety, while keeping readers up to date with changes in currency and financial regulations. The magazine projects corporate strengths, promotes individual services and provides balanced information on day-to-day operations, while profiling the people behind the news.

At the same time African Port Hub provides opportunities to build new relationships with other like-minded organisations, both in Africa and around the world. By establishing a presence in this unique publication we can heighten your corporate profile within a range of vital business sectors across the continent.

The first edition, which will be published in June/July 2018, will uncover details of the many untapped African resources by reviewing and discussing the key drivers of infrastructural development throughout the continent, with an emphasis on the mining industry.

Publication frequency and formats

  • Published twice yearly
  • Available in digital format
  • Limited availability in print format