Policy and terms of trade


We are delighted to have you on the website of ALPHA Ports, operated by ALPHA Ports Limited. The terms of trade with members implies the conditions applicable to your use of our website functionalities as www.alphaports.com.

The terms of trade agreement, use of ALPHA Ports website functionalities and privacy policy is between you and the ALPHA Ports. Therefore, using the website or becoming a member is in agreement to abide by the terms of trade and contracts thereafter. Please do not use the ALPHA Ports site should you feel you are not in agreement with the terms and polices of trade of ALPHA Ports.

Login and password

ALPHA Ports users who completes the online registration form on our website, by submitting information (such as name, address, telephone, email and web address, details of their business, etc.) is confirmed to be a user of www.alphaports.com.

Payments and refunding

Before you make payment for any product, make sure you understand it is at your decision and that no refunds are made for payments made for any product or service. Before upgrading your membership and making payment please be sure about your decision and only then make payment. ALPHA Ports does and will not accept refunding requests from its members.

Changes to services

It is to the interest of ALPHA Ports and its members to change include, and erase specific information related to services without notice.


The internet is not a safe medium and security cannot be guaranteed. Web email is defenceless against interference and misfortune and as a result ALPHA Ports will not oversee any harm you may endure as a result of an email you send to ALPHA Ports or as a result of any subsequent correspondence. Should you choose to transmit data utilising internet email, you do as such at your own hazard.

A site for members

ALPHA Ports products and services offered on this platform are proposed for our members. Non-members who choose to access this platform utilise it for the exchange of trade or business-related activities with members without legitimate agreement with ALPHA Ports and with the understanding that they do so alone and as such act on their own initiative and are responsible to comply with applicable laws.

Information and services

ALPHA Port services are subject to change without notice. As it is fundamental to our trading ethos, ALPHA Ports undertakes financially-sensitive endeavours to guarantee that the data and administration contained on this site are exact at the time they are posted on this site. ALPHA Ports cannot ensure the precision, fulfilment, auspiciousness, or unwavering quality of any such data and administration and ALPHA Ports is not responsible for any mistakes, blunders or oversights which may occur. All information on this platform is only for knowledge purposes and is not proposed to give guidance and is not to be depended upon. Any activities or choices must be founded on free research and expert guidance.

Terms of site use

In the sole interest of ALPHA Ports, membership may be terminated in the use of ALPHA Ports services and products by any member, without notice, if in the use of those products and services included on this site the individual:

  • Engages in forgery of membership identity, impersonation, disguise and misrepresentation of any kind to gain access to the products and services of this platform.
  • Uploads, posts, publishes, or distributes any material or information for which they do not have all necessary rights to do so or unauthorized marketing exposure.
  • Abuses or harasses any member or non-member through the site.
  • Uses this site in such a manner as to gain unauthorized entry or access to the computer systems or networks of others or attempt to gain unauthorized entry or access to any password protected or restricted areas of this site.
  • Reproduces, copies, modifies, sells, distributes or otherwise exploits for any commercial purposes any material, information, product or service offered within this site.
  • Violates any law or regulation or any generally accepted internet practice or interferes with any other user’s ability to use this site and any of the services or products provided on this site.
  • Uses any unlawful, pestering, damaging, debilitating, unsafe, profane, vulgar or generally unrightfully material or any sort or nature.
  • Non-renewal of membership fees.
  • Non-compliance to ALPHA Ports trading standards as set out on the terms and conditions as well as with any registered member.