Who are your corporate partners?

ALPHA corporate members and partners are African port development vendors, manufacturers, cargo owners, export and import providers, freight forwarders, equipment providers, renewable energy companies, logistics procurement professionals, haulage and transport companies, drilling and mining companies, railway companies, financial service providers, cargo managers, oil and gas companies, marine and offshore companies, ground transport companies, major logistics decision-makers, as well as port and terminal operators.

What happens when I join as an ALPHA corporate member or partner?

When you join the ALPHA platform as a corporate member, you enjoy full access to BusinessConnect, allowing you to view tenders and project leads – supported by specialist experts.

Corporate membership provides unparalleled access to a boundless information database, business networking opportunities, a monthly newsletter informing you about key infrastructural developments across Africa, investment opportunities and discounts on industry-related events.

What are the membership options?

  • Advertising in the ALPHA digital magazine African Port Hub is the most beneficial method of joining ALPHA as an ordinary member and in gaining access to Africa’s trade and transport hub.
  • When you place RFQ-related transactions worth €10,000 or more through the ALPHA network which are then concluded successfully, you automatically become a corporate member and no fees apply, plus you receive free advertising in the digital magazine African Port Hub

Why should I choose ALPHA instead of approaching companies directly?

At ALPHA our focus is on helping companies to develop partnerships and a trusted networking platform and to lead the way internationally in African logistics expertise. To achieve these objectives we maintain the highest standard of vetting procedures and the careful selection of members across each port in Africa, with an emphasis on excellence, integrity and trust. By talking to us you can depend on our experience and contacts to remove any difficulties that may have existed in the past as the continent of Africa moves forward as an exciting and profitable place to do business.

Membership of the ALPHA platform allows unparalleled access to a boundless information database, accessible locally and internationally. It provides you with business networking opportunities, a monthly newsletter keeping you up to date with key infrastructural developments across African ports, investment opportunities, discounts on events and detailed export information about any port in Africa.

ALPHA is recognised globally, through its worldwide network, and is supported by an international advisory board drawn from elite practitioners within the international supply chain market, ensuring the future success of our platform.

Principal reasons why businesses are joining the ALPHA platform

  • Africa’s largest business database, covering air and seaports and industries
  • Events focused on building strong trading connections
  • The experience of an advisory board drawn from elite practitioners within the international supply chain market
  • Members and partners cover the entire span of the supply chain market
  • You can be sure that only reliable companies are involved in all aspects of our organisation.