Central African Republic

Port location Bangui
Name of port Port of Bangui
Port services Docking and undocking, storage, bunkering, towing, equipment etc.
Port equipment Dockside crane, mobile cranes, reachstacker, transtrainer and forklifts.
Business section Oil and gas, energy, industrial logistics, port projects, renewables, pharmaceutical, hi-tech/telecom, automotive, mining and manufacturing.
Export opportunities Delivery trucks, rough wood, vehicle parts, sawn wood and explosive ammunition.
Import opportunities Military weapons, household washing machines, prefabricated buildings, packaged medicaments and telephones.
Import origins France, the United States, Zambia, Egypt and China.
Borders The Central African Republic borders Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Republic of the Congo, Sudan , South Sudan and Chad
The Central African Republic is a landlocked country accessible through the seaports of Sudan, Congo and Cameroon. However, the challenge in using the ports of Sudan as an entry route for goods destined for Central African Republic is the state of infrastructure and roads in particular. Another difficulty is security in the region, due to the presence of rebels and unrest in Darfur (Sudan).

Possible passages to Central African Republic are through the Congo Pointe Noire and Matadi in the Republic of Congo by sea. This corridor could be cheaper and faster, but their challenges in using combined transport (rail/river from Pointe Noire and road/river from Matadi). Also the corridor has proved to be unreliable due to non-oil related traffic. Another difficulty is the seasonal navigation on the Ubangui River, which is limited to the wet season (June to January).

Douala in Cameroun is the most suitable access point by sea for Central African Republic and is located 1,450 kms from Banjui, considered to be the main port for central Africa, handling about 80% of global trade for Central African Republic. CEMAC is an advantage but the transit time from the Port of Douala is over two weeks and twenty days for trucks to cover the distance of 1,450 kms.

How we work in Central African Republic

With ALPHA there is access to every port, including landlocked borders. Transport-related business to Central African Republic might be costly but we utilise our registered partners from Cameroon, Niger and Congo Pointe Noire in reviewing critical local assessments and further project-related insights to ensure our clients are served better, while minimising potential risks.