Port location Massawa
Name of port Port of Massawa
Port of Assab
Port type Harbour
Management Massawa Port Administration
Port services Repairs, drydock, railway and other services.
Port equipment Cranes, lifts, loading and unloading, tugs and pilotage.
Business section Oil and gas, energy, industrial logistics, port projects, renewables, pharmaceutical, hi-tech/telecom, automotive, and manufacturing.
Export opportunities Copper ore, precious metal ore, precious stones, surveying equipment and peppero.
Import opportunities Large construction vehicles, delivery trucks, rubber tyres, wheat flours and specialised vehicles.
Import origins China, Egypt, Italy, South Africa and Turkey.
Shipping lines PIL and WEC Lines.
Borders Eritrea borders Djibouti, Ethiopia and Sudan by land and Saudi Arabia and Yemen by sea.
Eritrea has two main ports, Assab and Massawa and both ports are located on the sea lane that connects Europe with the Persian Gulf and the countries bordering the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Massawa Port has a quay length of 1,007 metres with six berths where the largest is 208.6 metres long and 12 metres deep. The port also has a 204,057 square-metre storage area with a holding capacity of 150,000 metric tonnes, including 79,000 square metres of heavy duty paved concrete blocks for container stacking with a computerised container terminal management system.

Assab port has seven deep-sea berths with an overall length of 1,025 metres. The deepest berth is 10.97 metres with a length of 210 metres. The port has over 275,320 square metres of storage, with 385,930 metric tonnes of holding capacity. The ports of Massawa and Assab are both well-structured and fully equipped with experienced personnel. The ports also provide essential pilotage, tugging, cargo handling and storage service, including IMDG (dangerous goods).

The port of Massawa has three main sections known as Khor Dakliyat Cement and Oil Terminal, the main commercial area with multi-purpose berths repair facilities and Hargigo Bay, with two oil terminals.