About Us



Welcome to the African Logistics Port Hub Association (ALPHA)

The African Logistics Port Hub Association (ALPHA) is a bridge and a business trading hub for international logistics professionals operating or providing products and services in and out of Africa, using both air and seaports. This includes the key drivers of infrastructure development and business growth on the continent of Africa.

ALPHA invites you to become part of a professional business environment that is all about trustworthiness, transparency and competence. We will provide you with intelligent information covering ports and industry through organised trade missions, events focused solely on Africa, strategic educational workshops and our African Port Hub magazine – all delivered in a timely manner. We do so with a vision of connecting African logistics to the heart of the global supply chain market and with a mission to showcase Africa as a continent with vast mineral resources, offering excellent prospects for major infrastructure projects.

ALPHA corporate members and partners are African port development vendors, manufacturers, cargo owners, export and import providers, freight forwarders, equipment providers, renewable energy companies, logistics procurement professionals, haulage and transport companies, drilling and mining companies, railway companies, financial service providers, cargo managers, oil and gas companies, marine and offshore companies, ground transport companies, major logistics decision-makers, as well as port and terminal operators.

As an independent organisation, funded solely through subscriptions, your membership will help you to establish your company’s presence as a market leader in Africa, benefiting from access to services that will prove to be invaluable to your future business growth on the continent. We invite you to take this opportunity to become a corporate member or partner.